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Download latest DSTT_DSTTi TTMenu V6.96to computer, extract this rar file with tool Win Rar, copy and paste TTMenu folder, and to There is no firmware upgrade for TT card, and all TTi cards on sale are compatible with 3DS XL/3DS up to Ver 2.1.0-4, DSi XL/DSi up to Ver 1.4.3. Namely, if your console system version is higher, do not buy this DSTTi card.The DSTT Kernel is also called TT Kernel, TTDS Kernel, DSTTi kernel or DSTT firmware. DSTT V1.18 Kernel update 2010-12-15 DSTT V1.17 Kernel update 2009-01-06 DSTT V1.16 Kernel Update 2008-10-30 DSTT v1.15 Kernel update 2008-07-17 DSTT V1.14 Kernel update 2008-07-09 New DSTT kernel - YSmenu V6.58 fixed below new games: 4982, 5237, 5476, 5503, 5509, 5584, 5585, 5604, 5626, 5628, 5629, 5630, 5631, 5632, 5633, 5634, 5636, 5637, 5638, 5639, 5640, 5642, 5643, 5644, 5647, 5648, 5649, 5650, 5651, 5653, 5654, 5655, 5656, 5657, 5659, 5660, 5661, 5662, 5663, 5664, 5665, 5669, 5670, 5671, 5672, 5673, 5674. DSTT kernel YSMenu V6.57 released on April 20th, 2011. DSTT kernel YSMenu V6.55 released on Mar 19th, 2011. New DSTT V6.57 kernel fixed following new games on TTDS and DSTTi card: 5664, 5663, 5662, 5661, 5660, 5659, 5658, 5657, 5656, 5654,5653,5652, 5651, 5650, 5649, 5648, 5647, 5646, 5645, 5644, 5643, 5642, 5641, 5640, 5639, 5638, 5637, 5636, 5635, 5634. YSMenu update very fast, users can find the update content below: DSTT Kernel V6.58 updated on May 1st. With a lot of flashcarts broken and damaged, the DSTT - DS Top Toy fits perfectly and can be removed with ease. • DSTT card will automatically identify the game archive type, You do not need to update the archive library.• DSTT has a built-in Action Replay and Goldfinger cheat support, editable library for new game roms. Effective micro-power design of the chip means that power is used effectively and you get the same DS gameplay times as you would have with a genuine original Nintendo cartridge.

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DSTT Team collapsed years ago, and has ceased its official kernel update ever since Jan 2009, leaving TTMenu Kernel V1.17 available to download.Nintendo DSTT Flash Card Introduction ◇ 100% SDHC TF and standard TF compatibility up to 4TB(4096GB) memory space. Supports any TF card speed with no lag ◇ Supports cheat and edit the code base.Below will instruct you on how to set up genuine TT (top toy) card and TTi card, not those fake TTi cards on the market. Official kernel V1.17 is still important as users need it to run genuine or fake check program, and firmware upgrade is also based on this official V1.17. Copy and paste them into the After installing official TTMenu V1.17, you can now check whether your DSTTi is genuine or fake.The official kernel TTMenu V1.17 does not support latest games. | R4are pride of providing sincere customer service, lowest prices, and global free and fastest shipping.| All flashcarts in Stock, 100% Tested, 100% Work Fine and 100% Quality Warranty.

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