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Ilagan was made the capital of Cagayan Valley when Brig.

Manuel Sanchez Mira was then the governor of the whole territory.

The cultural shock brought by the dominating social and economic regulations introduced by the Spanish authorities propelled the natives to dissent in the Mallig and Ilagan-Tumauini territories in what was known as the Gaddang Revolution.

The natives abandoned their settlement after burning their church and houses until 1622 when the Spanish government pardoned and exempted them from paying tribute within three years.

Among the Spanish missionaries who penetrated deeply into the region was P. The town of Bolo was founded by the Dominicans in 1619 in honor of Saint Ferdinand of Castile.

The old Bolo was situated in the western side of Cagayan River in what is known today as Barangay Naguilian-Baculod.

Fruits like the banana are year-round products especially in the mountainous areas of the city.

Ilagan also produces seasonal fruits such as mangoes and pomelo.

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It is located in Barangay San Felipe along National Highway. Hectares of forest land are strictly protected by authorities like the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), several NGOs and the Local Government Unit.The act then re-established Ilagan as the provincial capital.On November 13, 1925, Gaffud has approved a resolution filed by all "Municipal Presidents of the Isabela" (the counterpart of the present-day Mayors' League) following a four-day convention.Of the total 1,166.26 km Of all cities in the country, Ilagan ranks as the top producer of corn.As an agriculture-based city, it produces ample supply of corn, rice, vegetables and legumes.

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