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Herculean Project – Purging the Books As Dowlin gazed upon the fallen books he decided to “collapse” their categories.

This trashing of the Dewey Decimal System he called “leveled access,” a folly that remains in place today.

: We were in town for the marathon and it was a fantastic base for our adventures.

They allowed us to check in early when we arrived in town.

In the first year of that agreement, the Foundation raised only ,000. He’s the leading vice-president for Pacific Bell, the Area Director for Pacific Telesis of Northern California, and the San Francisco Director for Pacific Telesis Group (the grant-giving foundation of Pacific Telesis). “If it’s not in here, maybe it doesn’t exist.” Kenneth A.

The staff were kind, friendly, and very accommodating.Maybe you don’t care if nearly half of the collections of the most important public library in the West are buried in a scene right out of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. You are stupid, they think, and if their plan succeeds, you and your children will stay that way. If you disagree maybe this article might get you mad enough to save yourself and your children now, while there’s still time. Coulter was the cheerleader in charge of raising money for the Foundation. At 5 per square foot, there are 20,000 square feet of space used for nothing. In a 1987 planning study conducted by library consultants Becker & Hayes Inc.This event provided City Librarian Ken Dowlin with a dream of dreams.From this earthquake, Dowlin derived a New World Order for his books and collections.

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