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Get noticed for who you are, not what you look like.

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Which ever path is chosen, tantra will fulfill and be helpful. Tantra is concerned with the basic disease, not with the symptoms.Perhaps if we replace the word Zen with Tantra it...The first time I experienced tantra was by mistake. I don't yet practice Tantra, but I do have an interest in it..I am said by some to carry a certain Kundalini energy within me. Just started reading "Soul Sex: Tantra for Two" by Copeland and Link. If anyone knows of another book of quality please let me know.Well that sounded like something that should be researched.Like many I know, it was sexual pleasure that was the magnet for finding out more, but now I have been... When you weave together into a wholeness every part of you, when you welcome all of you with your fears, regrets, mistakes, disappointments, hopes, joys, ugliness, beauty..you do this with unconditional love, you also create space and expansion. I am not Practicing Tantra by the in-depth's of its heavy religious philosophy like this here.

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