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However, the scientists that have conducted the research have not stated that they are extraterrestrials. v=n S3G-rvp5B4& At Nurea TV yesterday Thierry Jamin explained his reasons for separating from Maussan and GAIA, for differences and in what they had agreed, Jamin expresses great frustration and even ‘anger’ in his own words, unfortunately it is in French without subtitles.

Many criticize the authorities for not responding faster, whether they want them to protect the remains, or allow for further research. Indeed, in this video Jamin (min ) states that on Friday (July 7) they met with the team Gaia and Maussan with whom he was going to present at the Swisshotel, to meet with the unpleasant surprise that the plan they had decided to follow through with the plan as well as the agreements of collaboration they had established had not been respected, having proceeded at the presentation of the event without first consulting with Jamin to whom this seemed unacceptable.

Update July 13 As expected, reactions have been varied, occasionally measured but, for the most, highly opinionated, usually simplistic, polarized, often insulting of the integrity of others.

Many otherwise rational, thinking persons dismiss all of this as an “obvious” hoax.

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Others are suspicious of authorities and accuse them of hiding or preventing the truth from coming out. The evidence and circumstances are cognitively processed according to strong personal preferences. Thierry Jamin didn’t participate with the rest of the team including Gaia TV, Mr. his friends at the Inkari Institute, Jose Casablanca and Dr Edson and (?

Others also otherwise rational thinking persons express that authorities and scientists are prejudiced and don’t know what they are doing.

Many simply state that the mummies are “obviously” non-human and or extraterrestrials.

They emphasize the orbits of the eyes in the Maria mummy, as well as the greater separation of the bones of the arm.

The fingerprints of the fingertips are straight and have fingerprints Mummies have organs inside them, so they would be dissected corpses.

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