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This loneliness hurts a lot it is like being imprisoned from everyone else.

Willa's presence stirred up painful memories for Clay. Yet they were drawn to each other--this time not as love-struck teenagers, but as man and woman...

Status: Completed Viewed: 0 Summary: from fictiondb: "So the black sheep has returned to the fold." Willa Ross knew she wasnt welcome in her hometown of Cascade, Wyoming.

Not being ble to know what it is like to be with someone you truly love and someone who loves you back. I think for the most part we all long to be with someone else someone we can share our lives with, someone we can love, someone we can laugh with, and spend our lives with. But I have hardly ever had that and now that I'm growing older I'm very scared of ending up alone…

I'm afraid that I might never find love again.

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