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Un nouvel ennemi surpuissant fait son apparition, un samouraï qui nous changera des ennemis rapides.On assiste aussi au retour (un peu trop rapide) d’un Barry Allen métamorphosé qui semble plus puissant que jamais.The movie treats this situation as the essence of Russian workaday normality, as if he were a plumber.

Her father, Anton (Miglen Mirtchev), is some sort of gold-chain-wearing shady operator who’s perpetually in hock to the Mob, which means that thugs will burst into his home — or trash it when he’s not around — to make sure that he pays his debts and does what he’s told.

It’s all supposed to be because she’s now listening to her inner voice.

Yet if only the audience felt connected to that voice. Polina hooks up with a crew of street dancers, and improvises a number to the EDM sounds of 79D, flinging her long legs around in a style that suggests ballet gone wild. With: Anastasia Shevtsova, Veronika Zhovnytska, Juliette Binoche, Aleksey Guskov, Niels Schneider, Jeremie Belingard, Miglen Mirtchev, Kseniya Kutepova.

Le dernier acte de la saison 3 de Flash se soldait par la disparition de Barry Allen dans la force véloce.

Un dénouement intéressant qui bouleversait le statut quo.

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