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In the following episode, Just for Sidekicks, she gives Spike a disapproving glare when she sees him rolling the pets (whom he tied up in a ball of ribbons) down the street.She extorts a gem from Spike in exchange for her silence.In Sleepless in Ponyville, she appears briefly again, gracefully avoiding Scootaloo's rush by her incoming scooter, which greatly contrasts from the last time that happened.Granny Smith makes a cameo appearance in Keep Calm and Flutter On, floating around the flooded Sweet Apple Acres in an apple basket.

" and "soup's on", then feebly walks over to join the rest of the ponies.At nightfall, Granny Smith, Applejack, and Apple Bloom look at a photo album full of pictures of memorable reunions.Granny Smith tells her granddaughters that they've been hosting the reunions at Sweet Apple Acres "every hundred" moons since they've settled down in Ponyville.Apple Bloom points out a picture of Granny Smith and two other mares working on a quilt.Granny Smith explains that they've been working on the same old quilt since their first reunion.

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