Forward lookup zone not updating

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Afterwards, on the target server, right-click the new secondary zone and select Transfer From Master (Figure E).Once the transfer completes, check the zone on the new server and see if your DNS records made their way to the new server.

You will now need to quickly change the secondary zone into a primary zone.

Also, you cannot directly migrate to an Active Directory-integrated zone when you manually copy the zone data files; Active Directory-integrated zones do not use the standard zone data files that you can copy from one location to another.

If you are currently using standard zones and your long-range goal is to move to Active Directory-integrated zones, you will be able to do so after migrating the zone data using either available method. You first should determine what type of DNS system you are migrating from.

To create a new standard secondary zone, follow these steps: On the Zone Name page (Figure C), specify the Zone Name, exactly as it exists on the other DNS server.

In order to transfer the zone file, you need to specify the name or IP address of the server that holds the master zone file.

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