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Also, it lets you open PSD created by the newest versions of Photoshop, in older Photoshop versions that cannot read them directly.

Most importantly, it can usually recover image layers from corrupted PSD files that Photoshop won't open (if Photoshop opens with damage, this plugin recovers a more intact image). Also see Filter Forge: seamless textures, visual effects, distortions, patterns, frames and more.

cat EOT Because the /opt/rt4/shared/html/No Auth/images/autohandler exists you need to locally overwrite it. cp /opt/rt4/local/html/No Auth/images/dhandler /opt/rt4/local/html/No Auth/images/autohandler This will make Mason send the static file and will not make it interpret the favicon as some kind of source code.

Well and you might need to delete the favicon in /opt/rt4/shared/html/No Auth/images Because else this one will be used.

Reduces colour depth of channels to 5 bits red, 6 bits green, 5 bits blue (total 16 bits or 65536 colours). Useful for adapting images to limited colour depth of cell phones, mobile, and tablet devices, including Android image formats.

mkdir -p /opt/rt4/local/html/No Auth/images/hiddensource Then move the favicon into this folder.

You can use a free favicon generator website to create a favicon from your store's logo, or you can create your own.

Alt text is displayed if an image can't load, and is used by screen-reading software to describe the image to users who are visually impaired.

A typical benchmark saving 57MB file: Reads and writes SGI (Irix) RGB image files, 8 or 16 bits/channel, in RLE or uncompressed formats.

While Photoshop "Goodies" include this format, this plugin has fewer bugs, is faster, and works with all versions of Photoshop, on all platforms.

First one is, that you place the icon-file somewhere else (not in RT-folders) where Mason will not try to interpret the file as some part of source code. You need to create a subdirectory where you store the image of the favicon.

mv /opt/rt4/local/html/No Auth/images//opt/rt4/local/html/No Auth/images/hiddensource/ Then you create a dhandler-file, which Mason will use when there is no file with that name in the folder.

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