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Canoes and log boats crafted by Native Americans, Europeans, and American settlers have been discovered at more than 200 sites across the Sunshine State, according to the department.These dugout canoes can range from a few hundred years old to well more than 6,000 years old, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville.Bubbles are bursting over the edges as Chiko is seen with a purple towel wrapped around his head After a long walk in the park Chiko returned home for a lovely candle lit bubble bath, acting very feng shui with his head still just above the water.COCOA — A submerged dugout canoe washed out of the Indian River Lagoon when Hurricane Irma's rain bands struck the Space Coast, and state historic officials await radiocarbon-dating results to reveal the boat's age. The fragile watercraft is now stored in a water bath in Brevard County.

Seated at his computer Friday in his living room, he zoomed in on images that show:• Square-headed iron nails embedded in the wood.• Small splotches of what may be red and white paint.• Possible "rope burns" notched in the wood."This is the area I sort of suspect might have had an outrigger attached to it or something," Lathrop said, pointing at a photo toward the aft. Lathrop notified the Division of Historical Resources after he discovered the canoe, and the department dispatched an archaeologist to the scene to inspect and document the vessel.Many are discovered during droughts, when lake and riverbeds are exposed.During a 2000 drought, 101 dugout canoes were found at Newnans Lake near Gainesville — the world's largest trove of prehistoric canoes.Jan was be presented with the first The Laue House was built in 1879.Janis and Gerald Schreiber have owned the home since 1976 and were preserving, restoring and improving the property even before many had ever given thought to such an endeavor Their building was one of the first three buildings in Alma to be listed and accepted on the National Register of Historic Places in May of 1979.

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