Dating after divorce telling the kids

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Or alternate with the other parent so that one of you handles the party at home and the other attends a party at school or scouts or soccer club etc.

I don't know many children (or adults for that matter) who would complain about having too many celebrations.

In addition, the site is chock full of resources to help you pull off a party your child will love.

You'll find party planning checklists, over 200 game ideas, crafts, and recipes, both edible and non-edible. Ability/permission to use their gifts at either parent's home.

Don't Forget Grandparents and Extended Family Your children's grandparents are going to want to celebrate too. Sometimes in a divorce, grandparents and other extended family lose out on spending time with their grandchildren on important events and special occasions.

It's all about eliminating stress and conflict for everyone.

You have a lifetime of days to celebrate with your child.

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