Dating a college professor as a student suddenly sex personals chat

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If she is interested in you, and she decides to date you then that is her decision and you have no reason to feel guilty about it.You are both adults and if there is no professional/legal boundaries lying between the two of you dating, I don't see why you should hesitate. I don't see anything wrong with you asking her out on a date, as long as you are not longer her student.I am not an inexperieinced teenager, I don't act irrationally and I like to think that at this age I know what I want. I know that you have said that you will never be in her class again but there may be a rule against dating a student at the school, period.If there is no such rule then I think that it would be fair game to ask her out.If there is no rule regarding this that would make her lose her job then whether she considers it an ethical issue is totally up to her.

I wanted to ask her out months ago but I decided to wait because I wanted to see if my feelings were real or if this was a crush that would go away on it's own.Students frequently get crushes on their professors and forget about them once the class has concluded.Since I had recently been a student of hers I was pretty sure she would be ethically obligated to say no anyway. We have had some of the most exciting and absorbing conversations of my entire life.Here's the thing, I have a female student, almost 20, who seems to have quite friendly and a touch the flirty side (you know that impression when you see it).She seems mature and responsible, despite the fact that many are not at 19 or 20. Now, It IS OUT of the question to even considering anything while shes still a student. Technically, you could have lunch with her after graduation, but I wouldn't do anything more with her until more time as gone by.

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